Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homemade Brown Sugar

Have you ever run out of Brown Sugar and not wanted to run to the store? Well here is a quick and easy way to solve that problem...make your own! Did you know that brown sugar only has 2 ingredients? Sugar/Molasses...that's it.

Any molasses will do...
 So here's the recipe:
1 Cup Sugar
1 Tbs. Molasses (2 Tbs. if you want Dark Brown Sugar)

Put your sugar in a bowl and drizzle the molasses over it. Then just mix it up! I found that a fork was the easiest and most effective way to blend it because there are small clumps that have to be broken up and it took me between 3-5 minutes, but it saves gas, time and money to whip it up yourself.
Look how beautiful it is...and it tastes great!

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