Monday, July 12, 2010

Like a Lighthouse

A few weeks ago we had a women's retreat. Our theme was like a lighthouse. Chirst is our lighthouse and if we look to him and follow him we will never go astray. I thought I would put the words of this beautiful song here.
Like a Lighthouse (words and music by Michael Webb)

Feeling alone, feeling afraid,
Losing my hope, losing my way,
Tossed about like a ship on a stormy sea
Waiting for someone, to rescue me, and then I see Him.

Like a lighthouse standing bold against the gray,
Shining through the night to warn of dangers in our way.
Like a lighthouse, built on solid stone,
Shedding light on weary seamen, who have drifted far from home.

So many paths, so many roads,
So hard to know which way to go sometimes,
lost at seas with no compass to point the way
hoping that someone will save my day and show the way

Like a lighthouse standing bold against the gray,
Shining through the night to warn of dangers in our way.
Like a lighthouse, built on solid stone,
Shedding light on weary seamen, who have drifted far from home.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blog for Jake Davis

Sisters, Ragnhild Davis has set up a new blog with updates about Jake. Please read it and leave her a comment showing this sweet family your love and support. Also, let's keep them in our prayers as he has a long road to recovery and the family needs all of our faith during this difficult time.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Write Your Elected Officials!

Helen Hall gave a beautiful lesson on our Patriotic Responsibilities this past Sunday. She spoke of our responsibilities as mothers and women in helping to shape the future of our country for generations to come. Certainly it starts in the home by teaching our families about the current events in our State and our Nation. We need to educate ourselves and be aware of the goings on in our world.

During the course of her message, it was brought up that not long ago, a U.S. Congressman said that for every 1 person who writes their elected official, it represents approximately 100-150 people who feel the same way but do not write! It is our responsibility to let our elected officials know our views on issues that affect our State and our Country. Remember, they work for us...WE elected THEM to represent us.

We as Sisters in Zion have power in our voice. We are strong and we know the concerns we have for our children but where do we begin? It's simple...We have 3 elected U.S. Congressmen and 2 elected U.S. Senators in the state of Utah. Here in Midway we are in the 2nd Congressional District and our Congressman is Jim Matheson. If you click on his name, it will take you to his website and you can read about the issues he is currently dealing with. Then click on the "Contact Jim" tab at the top and you can fillout the form...easy peasy. Or you can Fax him on your own. (There will be a list of their info at the end of this post). Also, it is perfectly fine to include our 2 Senators, Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch in any communication you send (click on their names as well for the same type of info)

Their websites share their views on the latest issues. Please take time to peruse each one. This will give you insights to what is happening, not only in our State, but in our Nation as well.

Here is all you have to write:

Honorable Jim Matheson,

I am very concerned about (blah blah blah). My feelings are (blah blah blah) and I ask you to vote (in favor/against) this issue.

Your name


If you aren't sure how you feel about an issue you can write something like this:

Honorable Jim Matheson,

I am concerned about the (blah blah blah) issue. If this is authorized in the U.S. Constitution, then I am in favor of it and ask you to vote in favor of it. If it is not authorized in the Constitution, then I ask you to vote against it.

Your Name

You can keep it simple or you can expound. It counts either way. Also, this would be a great FHE activity. Even young children can write to their elected officials and sometimes they even have MORE power in their letters then adults do. Each time you write, you will get a letter back from the official. How cool is that??

Sisters, we are strong women who care about our families and the future we are leaving for them. We are encouraged to speak up and help our elected officials by sharing our desires. We have a voice...let's not hesitate to use it.

Fax Numbers:
Congressman Jim Matheson  (202) 225-5638
Senator Robert F. Bennett (202) 228-1168
Senator Orrin G. Hatch (202) 224-6331

Thanks Helen for your inspiring lesson!